Scorpion 3" Downpipe

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Since the early 90’s Scorpion has been synonymous with high powered Fast Fords and having been the first company to bring a 3in high performance exhaust system into the Ford market for the legendary Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, they thought it was only right to give the brand new 2016+ Focus RS the Scorpion treatment as well.

The catalytic converter on the 2016 - 2018 Focus RS is located on the downpipe just after the turbo, and that catalytic converter is a key component in emission control. However, it is also the most restrictive component of the entire exhaust system. The Scorpion Exhaust 3" Focus RS Downpipe is available in both 200-cell sport cat and cat-less versions to reduce or eliminate that restriction.

Installing a Scorpion Exhaust 3" Downpipe will open up the exhaust on your 2016 - 2018 Focus RS allowing air to escape the engine faster resulting in lower exhaust gas temperatures and improved turbocharger spool.

Both versions of the Scorpion Exhaust 3" 2016 - 2018 Focus RS Downpipe are interchangeable with the original Ford Downpipe and will work with both the stock Ford cat-back system and the Scorpion Exhaust Cat-Back System.

*Cat-Less/Cat-Delete downpipes are for off-road use only.

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