StopTech Front 2 Piece Cross-Drilled Aero Rotor Kit

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The StopTech 2016 Ford Focus RS Front 2-Piece Cross-Drilled Aero Rotor Kit is designed to replace Original Equipment front rotors, while retaining the factory brake calipers. The same size as Original Equipment, the two-piece, directional, floating AeroRotor offers improved cooling, braking and handling. AeroRotor rings feature StopTech's patented AeroVaneĀ® internal vane design to optimize airflow. The rings are pre-assembled to billet aluminum AeroHats for additional cooling functionality. Elongated drive pin slots allow separate expansion of the rotor and hat to resist coning.

Developed using strong InconelĀ®, the drive pin washers are the same that are used in aircraft engines and racing applications and are built to withstand the extreme temperatures the Focus RS brakes can generate. These curved drive pin washers add tension to the hat assembly to reduce rattle. The drive pins used to affix the hat to the rotor have a a slightly out-of-round hole and are self-locking. This allows the drive pins to move freely, yet securely, as the hat and rotor expand at different rates.

Featuring a cross-drilled design, the rotor's holes allow for better dissipation of heat, friction material and debris and assure the pad material is in contact with the rotor every time the brakes are applied. Improved airflow is achieved through a directional design that minimizes turbulence and is an upgrade over Original Equipment Focus RS rotors.

All StopTech AeroRotors are manufactured in the United States.